Our unique sourcing and audit program streamlines the traditional RFP (Request for Proposal) process while providing the best partner solutions. We do the legwork and present you with strong, viable options. You select from the best of the best.

Engage has pre-screened and audited resource providers in key areas, so we can quickly identify those best suited to each client's needs.

1. Strategic discovery. We meet with you to discuss goals and objectives for your print Yellow Pages, IYP (internet yellow pages), and interactive (online) strategies. All areas, from day to day order and artwork processing, to long term strategic planning needs, to budgeting and accounting procedures are reviewed. We lead you through the tough questions and determine what your requirements are and what you expect from a new agency relationship. This part of the process is extremely important because if you know exactly what you want, you’ll know for sure when you’ve found it.

2. Preliminary agency/partner match. We identify the top five agency matches for your goals and objectives, then present to you for approval to engage the RFP process.

3. Top five agencies presented with formal RFP. Each client RFP is custom written to meet your specific goals and objectives. Our many years of experience within an agency and within several national advertisers give us a unique perspective to understand exactly which questions to ask and how to ask them. Getting to the core of an agency’s capabilities and the level of service they are able to deliver is our specialty.

4. RFP Evaluation. We use advanced evaluation tools, such as weighted scorecard matrices, to make it easy to compare agencies based on the criteria that’s most important to you. This evaluation process results in a short list of two to three finalists.

5. Finalist Presentation. The finalists come to you to demonstrate what they have to offer face-to-face. This allows them to speak to their proposed solutions, demonstrate client-facing tools, and show what kind of rapport they can build with you.

6. Decision made — transition begins. We will facilitate the agency on-boarding process and remain on-call to serve wherever needed.

7. Successful new partnership begins!

Customers are out there. Engage will help you find them with heat-seeking solutions and proven strategies to transform your marketing efforts.
Engage has developed a suite of programs that help you retain your customers and keep the competition at bay through elevated service and improved communication.