Automated Customer Surveys

Primary customer research is one of the most powerful tools available to any business. It helps deepen your understanding of your customers and provides clear paths to improving customer satisfaction. Quick identification and resolution of issues with dissatisfied customers is vital to reduce churn rates.

With Engage Automated Surveys, a computer generated pre-recorded phone call goes out within days or even hours of the sale to provide your customer with a fast, easy and non-intimidating way to share actual feelings about their experience with your business. The platform helps measure your customer’s satisfaction quickly and efficiently:

  • Automated surveys cost 50% less than live agent surveys.
  • Automated surveys perform better than live calls.
  • Turnaround time is dramatically reduced. Customers can be called within hours of the sale.
  • The results are reliable. Responses are captured in a consistent, unbiased manner.
  • Results are available immediately following survey completion.
  • Dissatisfied customers can be identified and immediately routed to a ‘customer save’ team.
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