Engage ListenIn

What are your customers really trying to tell you? How effectively is your team fielding incoming calls and requests? And how can you elevate your game to convert more calls into revenue?

Do you know your true call conversion rate? A recent study* showed that of businesses surveyed, most believed they converted 80% of calls into appointments. The reality was much less rosy: Their actual conversion rate was just 47%. More than half of the business was lost.

Engage ListenIn can help your business turn opportunities lost into revenue found. A valuable component of the Engage CallMetrics program, ListenIn provides actionable analysis of your everyday business activities. We listen carefully and objectively to each of your recorded calls, and then prepare a monthly report revealing the facts about how many calls were converted into actual appointments. But that’s just the start: The report can also uncover recurring customer objections, sales force training needs, and lost opportunities. You gain direct, effective ways to close the sales loop.



*Proprietary study done for client, findings not published.

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