Communication Tools

Text Messaging SMS (Short Message Service)
To make a sale, you must have customer engagement – a dialogue where your customer takes the initiative to ask you a question, to make a comment or provide you with information.

Text Messaging is a vital engagement tactic: As many as 75 percent of all mobile phone users send and receive text messages. This medium is immediate and inexpensive, and allows two-way customer interaction for advertising messages, contests, offers and brief marketing surveys. Once a customer "opts in," you have captured a lead.

Engage will help you shape a Text/SMS strategy for your business to extend your brand, invigorate your marketing and activate prospective customers – with near-immediate results.

Telephone/Televideo InfoConference
Imagine giving a live, interactive sales presentation to dozens of prospects, without the challenges of booking (and attracting people to) an actual meeting site. With a Telephone InfoConference, you can invite participants to join in a live conference call with advertising, direct marketing or a telephone blast to hundreds of prospects in a targeted call list. Once on the call, they can listen, ask questions and take part in useful surveys while you present products or services infomercial style. Through the power of live interaction (or the safety of listening in as others ask the questions), your customers are engaged while you draw them in to your story, much like a talk radio program. Add to the impact with a live video feed over the internet, and re-use the highlights later on your website or posted on YouTube.

Customers are out there. Engage will help you find them with heat-seeking solutions and proven strategies to transform your marketing efforts.
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