Communication Tools

Automated Messaging
Success isn’t just about winning new business. It’s also about finding ways to manage the business you already have in the best way possible. Having the right tools to manage your team and resources can mean the difference between operating at a profit … or at a loss.

We can show you the way. Engage Automated Messaging helps ensure that your resources are deployed correctly and that your business operates like clockwork. It cost-effectively fills gaps and optimizes your operations:
  • Confirms appointments to reduce empty service slots and wasted trips
  • Sends event notifications/reminders
  • Sends polite payment reminders to enhance cash flow with speed and courtesy
  • Surveys your clients’ business needs or levels of customer satisfaction
  • More effective than direct mail or live agents, at a fraction of the cost – just pennies per call.
The results are immediate. Your workforce is freed, cash flow is improved and costs are reduced. With automated appointment reminders alone, one case study of a mid-sized business showed reduction in missed appointments by almost 40% -- and saved $500,000 a year.

Telephone/Televideo Infoconference
Customers are out there. Engage will help you find them with heat-seeking solutions and proven strategies to transform your marketing efforts.
Engage has developed a suite of programs that help you retain your customers and keep the competition at bay through elevated service and improved communication.